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Hi everyone, this history happens in México.Recently i order $100 USD in nespresso capsules (150 capsules), they charged my credit card, and even sent me a receipt, two days later a parcel service sent me a delivery code.

Days passed (two weeks), and i never received my products. When i tried to sign in the nespresso webpage, appear an error message (error 703). Then, i call Nespresso 01800 to obtain any explanation, and they told me that they DON'T HAVE ANY INFO ABOUT ME!! I can't believe what i heard, when i asked how it's that possible, they ask me to send copies of my ID, credit card and a supporting document with my address, because they aren't really sure about my identity "to prevent any fraud"...

WTF!!! When they charge my credit card don't hesitate about my identity.

This people are PROFESSIONAL SCAMMERS, i had called in 3 times, they keep you in the phone with a really polite chatting, and they don't solve ANYTHING, they're EXTREMELY unhelpful, except (of course) with suggestions on how operate their coffee machines. And then, they have the cynicism to ask "may i help you with anything else?".

People BEWARE and AVOID this company.

Sorry about my "spanglish" :-)

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I just had the same thing happen to me!I was ordering 600 pods and a charge of 6,950 pesos

went through.

I have not received the order and when I go onto my nespresso account it now shows I have never had any orders.a few days ago when I checked this same account the order was showing!

I now have a dispute in with the credit card company.

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