The closest Nespresso Boutique to Portland, Oregon is in California. I live in Coffee country but have to pay for shipping.

Starbucks started in Seattle and Coffee People started in Portland but to Nespresso, Portland is a geographical oddity...Two days from everywhere. If the coffee ships from Kent, WA then I get it in one or two days via UPS delivered to my door. If Nespresso ships from St. Petersburg, FL, good luck...I had one shipment that never showed up and the last one was sent USPS and was left in my mail box which is down the street.

(btw, we never get a shipping confirmation with ship via and tracking information...maybe they want to keep it secret???

Or maybe a surprise to see if and when you receive your coffee!!!LOL!!) If I'm paying for premium shipping, I expect it delivered to my door. Better yet, why can I buy the machines at four different locations 5 minutes from my house but I can't buy the fricking coffee???!!!

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Beaverton, Oregon, United States #1330785

You can now rejoice as we are getting a Nespresso boutique at Washington Square mall this Summer.


Totally agree. I live in Portland, which is the coffee capital of the U.S.

if not the world. Please open a place in Portland to buy the f.......coffee capsules.

Warwick, Rhode Island, United States #969610

Coffee country?? Why buy Nespresso?

to Anonymous #1103426

Easy to use

Authentic coffee from Italy?

Need espresso before leaving the house.

Even Costco and Target sell machine-- not capsules. Anywhere

Yes we have amazing coffee here, however this is quick

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