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I call it coffee because it is not quite espresso -- just strong coffee. I'm not complaining about that -- it's a good instant coffee when you don't want to take the time to brew your own.

Two separate calls to customer service ended up in the biggest run around I've ever experience (that's a lot of comparing because I'm over 60). Both calls, separated by two weeks, resulted in the same low IQ helper. It went like this (minus the personal info exchange):

Me: My Citiz original line is not puncturing the Nespresso brand capsules on the foil side. I've descaled the machine, run clear water through it with the lever open, and tried several Nespresso capsules. It's definitely a pressure problem. Right?

Rep: Have you been using third party capsules? That will definitely cause problems.

Me: Your capsules.

Rep: Well, I don't know what to tell you.

Me: Do you have a trouble shooting guide?

Rep: Third party capsules cause problems.

Me: Do you have a trouble shooting guide?

Rep: Let me look. after five minutes on hold, I can't find your machine- we don't make it anymore.

Me: Are they any different? would it help if I gave you the s/n?

Rep: No.

Me: OK - my machine is broke, you can't give me advise on what to do next, so can you give me a credit towards a new machine? I've taken really good care of my CitiZ and there is no scale build up or visible wear.

Rep: 5 minute hold -- "We have a sale."

Me: I know, I'm on your website right now.

Rep: Well, that is the credit I can offer you.

Me: The sale is not a credit.

Rep: Well, it's a sale.

Me: Happy Thanksgiving. Good buy.

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